Panotica Hydra 4.0

A modern solution for companies that care about quality


facilitating the monitoring of ISO standards


Documents in connection with processes may contain detailed lists of activities or template forms to be filled.


Proper description of processes will ensure supervision over the smooth functioning of the company and will result in optimization of taking actions.


Supporting registration processes and processing of non-conformities identified within the enterprise. The process is based on the analysis and evaluation of registered comments and conclusions.


Monitoring of company processes, planning of audit activities that affect many areas. Audit schedules define the audited area, objectives and detailed scope of monitoring. As a result of audits, conclusions and potential non-conformities are generated.


Supporting the enterprise in managing, coordinating and supervising tasks in projects.


Planned and undertaken actions implemented in order to eliminate existing irregularities in the enterprise.


Evaluation of processes according to specific criteria in the company.

Risks and opportunities

Module used to assess the risks and opportunities occurring in the enterprise, related to the process, business activity, environmental protection, health and safety.


A set of products that are grouped in a catalogue with their status and registration numbers.


Information base on the identification data of our contractors, together with contact details to persons representing the companies.

Administration panel

Access to system options, user account management, profile customization, user roles.

Explore the system

and its elements

Panotica Hydra is a web software dedicated to companies with implemented Quality Management System compliant with ISO 9000 or other. The software allows not only to put company improvement processes in one system, but also actively integrate all employees on the system platform, remotely supervise activities aimed at improving quality and engaging employees in the improvement of the company.

Hydra has a modern responsive interface that allows you to work on any device with a web browser (computer, tablet, smartphone). The interface adapts to the device allowing the user to work comfortably.

Panotica Hydra is the second version of software for managing quality processes in business. The first one was created in 2008 and successfully operates in many international companies with branches in Poland, including Toyota Material Handling, Amcor, Huf Group, Segepo Group, Sempertrans.

Drawing from the experience gained in creating the primary version of the system, conducting extensive research and consultations in the field of product evaluation with current clients, our developers prepared another unique product with the intention of worldwide distribution.

System distinguishing features:

  • modern, responsive interface adapting to each computer device, easy to use and requiring no training for users,
  • team integration on the system platform, enabling each employee to actively participate in the improvement of quality processes,
  • easy and cheap way to meet the requirements of ISO standards,
  • a business model that allows the system to be sold directly to clients or through partners who service their clients from the quality management side (consulting and auditing companies), which will increase sales potential and access to hundreds of partners and subsequent sellers,
  • low cost of software maintenance on servers and service and thus a large profit potential,
  • sales in the Saas model, hence monthly or other periodic revenues,
  • very easy customization of software for other markets in other countries,
  • software implementation technology allows you to make adjustments and changes very quickly.

The Panotica Hydra system also offers access for intermediary companies, e.g. auditing and controlling entities. A representative of an auditing company may only have access to a separate fragment to the system in order to conduct an audit in accordance with the schedule included. Access to the system for an independent, objective auditor gives a greater chance of seeing errors or gaps in the company, which leads to greater effectiveness of the activities carried out. A detailed discussion about the audit effectively indicates useful tools, such as staff training.

The competitiveness of the market puts higher and higher demands on companies, and quality in the business world means the need to meet the declared and expected needs. Currently, the quality management certificate is prevalent practice, and the implementation of the quality management system results not only from the law. One of the main goals of the ISO 9001 standard is the stability and repeatability of processes in the organization, thus ensuring the highest quality of products or services that are tailored to the customer's requirements. From September 2018 there is a revised ISO 9001 standard that does not treat risk as a single element of the management system, but has a systematic approach in which the organization analyzes its environment and considers threats and opportunities. The following actions are recommended:

  • analyzing threats and taking appropriate actions,
  • increasing the stress on the organization's goals,
  • identification of gaps in the enterprise,
  • updating the management system with adjusted requirements and their verification,
  • conducting appropriate training

The use of Panotica Hydra tools will effectively affect your company. You will limit the cost associated with the efficient processing of complaints from customers, and the implementation of preventive actions will certainly increase customer satisfaction. The system will contribute to the optimal use of company resources, additional motivation and mobilization for employees is analyzing their activity in the system. Each employee will be involved in the improvement process. Full control over the work of the enterprise will result in optimization of processes, quick reaction to existing non-conformities in the form of undertaking effective actions. The software guarantees quick access to result data in order to evaluate the implementation of processes through reports on complaints, audits and irregularities.

We care about your success, therefore, at a low cost, we offer professional implementation, data security and streamlining the company's operation using the tools which Panotica Hydra offers.

Modern software and design give you the opportunity to work from any place with the Internet available.

Work comfortably and have access to the application wherever you are.

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